Who We Are

Team Romantic scam

The aim of this website, Romantic-scam.eu, is to raise awareness and combat the destructive internet phenomenon of “Romantic Scam” or “Romance Scam”.

We do this by publishing true stories and providing accurate information about the methods used by fraudsters to select, prime or groom their victims and the strategies they use to extort money from them. We also provide other information, through links to other websites, on how to use the internet safely, internet security and advice on how to avoid becoming another victim of these scams.

Romantic-scam.eu will strive to pursue its objectives, through the implementation of social media campaigns, on the web, in the media; newspapers, television, radio and poster campaigns. We strongly believe that the only way to combat this type of fraud is to communicate using all the channels available to us.

We will organize events such as meetings and seminars as well as interviews on radio and television so as to inform and educate thereby preventing this type of scam from occurring.

Romantic-scam.eu operates without profit throughout Italy and Europe.


Team Romantic scam consists of:

  • Project Manager
  • art director – communications specialist
  • graphic designer
  • Social marketing specialist
  • Web master
  • Native English speakers for translations
  • P.R
  • Collaborators:
  1. Luisa G . Italy
  2. Teresa S. – Illinois USA
  3. Jane U. – Sud Africa
  4. Roberta T. – San Marino
  5. Rosy B. – San Marino
  6. Livio F. – Italia
  7. Giuliana D. Italia
  8. Colin G. UK