Team activities are primarily designed to inform, prevent and combat the phenomenon of online romantic scams, or “romance scam”. We do this by publishing true stories and providing accurate information about the methods used by fraudsters to select, prime or groom their victims and the strategies they use to extort money from them. We aim to achieve our objectives through various actions, such as:

  • Publication of true stories whilst protecting the identity of the victim;
  • Drafting of informative articles to be sent to the media;
  • Designing and implementing information campaigns in order to publicize, inform and teach how to recognize and defend against this type of fraud;
  • Participate in television and radio broadcasts in order to alert, publicize, inform and teach how to recognize and defend against this type of fraud ;
  • Interact with other national and international anti scam organizations and institutions;
  • Production and distribution of themed publications;
  • Promotion and organization of public events, meetings, debates, seminars for informational purposes;
  • Design and implementation of information campaigns and social media campaigns to investigate this issue and to influence public opinion, the media, and institutions;
  • Implement actions through collaboration with other anti-scam institutions and organizations and those involved in social work;
  • Alert, raise awareness and provide information with our fb page and this site;
  • Research;
  • Construction and management of databases by collecting information for statistical and scientific purposes;

• Conducting studies and ad hoc research for monitoring and evaluating this phenomenon.