how to defend yourself

The scam: how to recognize it and how to defend yourself

  1. These scams are often known as “Nigerian 419 scams” because the first wave of this type of scam started in Nigeria. The ‘419’ derives from the Criminal Code of Nigeria. – The scammer can contact you by e-mail, with a text message in chat or on a social network. Check the contact’s identity, if you have doubts, asking for information to the service provider, or do an Internet search using the names or the ‘correct e-mail to check for any reference to a scam (many scams can be identified in this way ).
    2.- If you think it is a scam, do not answer but, on the contrary, immediately stop the contacts. If you continue in your conversation, scammers will use a personal touch to play on your emotions and to ultimately achieve what they want – your money. – Always keep a record of your conversations and do not erase e-mails that you exchange; – In your conversations, the scammer is usually reserved about the overall situation of his life, he speaks very little of his family and his friends. Generally the scammer does not talk about his past. Almost all say they are widows / widowers or anyway alone, often say they have children. – When you have an ongoing conversation with a scammer, pay attention to what he says because sometimes he can contradict himself or give answers to questions that you never asked him.
  2. He will ask you not to talk to anyone about your love story, because in this way he will totally dominate you. Do not listen to him, talk about it to someone you trust !! – The scammer oftwn claims to be American but temporarily abroad; this is often not true, the scammer may well be at a short distance from you and yet realize the scam. Many scammers steal photos of people to assume their identity. – They can make several spelling errors as they write in English. – Before committing to anyone online, use the Google ‘Search Pictures’ feature to see if the image of that person comes in other Web sites under a different name. Verify that the person is real.
  3. Do asearch online andverify that the informationthathas leftcoincide with thesocial network profiles, such as linkedinor others.Be doubtfulifyou do not findanything.-From the momentyou accepthis friendship, the scammerasks youwithin 2-3contactsto passon an”instantmessenger” ora private email, thus leavingthe website whereyou met. -After2-3timesyou will talk withthe scammer,he willopenlydeclarehis eternalandunconditional love, will tell you thatyou are thesoul matehe was looking for, hewill say “I love you” andwill speakof your wedding, that will beimminent.-He’ll try tohave a close relationship with you and will involve you in alove storymadeeven of virtualsex.-Thislove storywill beso beautiful thatit will seemtoogood to be true…-Thescammerwill always havean excuse for notmeeting youface to face andthereforewill not useSkypeor similar.
  4. Once he will besure of yourlove and to have consolidated your relationship,the scam will start. The scammerwillsuddenlyneed help, for example a medical problem, or being unable topay ahospitalorhotel bill; if he says to be an American soldier, hewill needmoney to leave the army,or hewill tell you afalse storyof large amountsof money”trapped” in the central banksduring the civil warsorcoups,or he cantell you about agreat heritage that he can not accessbecause ofgovernment restrictionsortaxesin their country, other timeshewill talk abouta safety storecontainingmuch moneyblockedat customsthat must beunlocked withan amount ofmoney hecurrentlydoes not have. Or they offeryou alarge amount of moneyto help themtransfer theirpersonal fortuneoutside their country.
  5. Do not agree to send money for any reason. Money laundering is a criminal offense. – Never send money or the data of your credit card, your account details or copies of personal documents to a stranger. – Avoid any agreement with a stranger who asks for money by money order, bank transfer, transfer of international funds, with prepaid card or electronic cash, money transfer with Western Union or Money Gram. It is unlikely to regain money sent this way. – Often scammers ask their victims to reach them in Nigeria or England or elsewhere, in the country where they are. – DO NOT AGREE TO THIS REQUEST, DON’T GO. There have been women abducted and raped. – Do not play with the scammer, behind him there is often an organization linked to terrorism. -if you have been cheated, make immediately report to the nearest police station or directly to the police fraud office bringing with you all the material that you have been able to record, including payment receipts.


Romantic scams are continuously
increased because there is no
correct information.

Do not accept friend requests on
social networks of people who do not
you know.

Do not send money to strangers, do not
believe everything they say.

The victims of this scam should be included,
not ridiculed.