The images on this website have been taken from the internet for the sole purpose of communicating the dangers of this type of scam. If an image present on this site is copyrighted please let us know via email we will replace it immediately.

The aim of this website,, is to raise awareness and combat the destructive internet phenomenon of “Romantic Scam” or “Romance Scam”. We do this by publishing true stories and providing accurate information about the methods used by fraudsters to select, prime or groom their victims and the strategies they use to extort money from them. We also provide other information, through links to other websites, on how to use the internet safely, internet security and advice on how to avoid becoming another victim of these scams. will strive to pursue its objectives, through the implementation of social media campaigns, on the web, in the media; newspapers, television, radio and poster campaigns. We strongly believe that the only way to combat this type of fraud is to communicate using all the channels available to us. operates without profit throughout Italy and Europe.

You, the victims, can help to stop this scam. Tell us your story

Collaborate with us.

Many people have fallen for this scam, thousands of good people like you. If we don’t make people aware then many more will also become victims. If you have fallen for this scam, or have been affected by it, please tell us your story. We will use your experience, anonymously if you wish, to make others aware of the dangers and hopefully prevent them from being scammed.    mobile phone +39 389 89 91 917  

How the scam presents itself

What is the current scam? In most cases the scammers present themselves as nice, likeable people who are very attentive to the needs of the victim and, from very early on, appear to care for that person. Often they will suggest that the meeting was destined to happen, that they are the victim’s soulmate and that they will be together forever. They declare eternal and unconditional love for the victim and promise a family life full of joy, passion and happiness… all of this after only a few encounters.

How can we defend ourselves

Scammers use standard techniques of approach but customize them to their intended victim. They seek to become intimate as quickly as possible, using words like “My love”, “Honey”, “Baby”, “Sweetie”. As soon as they can, when they feel they have a little of your trust, they will ask you to chat or Instant Message with them directly, outside of any chat room that may be monitored. Communicating in this way they seek to increase their intimacy with you …

You are not alone

Do not feel like a loser because you have fallen into the trap. Do not be ashamed that you fell; the scammers are very adept at touching the hearts of people. Only those who have been made aware of these scams manage avoid falling for them. You who are the victims should not lose heart, turn the bad into good – tell us your story. We will use it, anonymously if you wish, to make others aware of the dangers. You will help to stop this fraud by helping us inform others so that they know how to avoid it.

Do not remain silent

Tell us your story and help others to avoid falling for the scam. Do not be ashamed if you fell for it. Scammers use psychological techniques to lure their victim and exploit their natural emotional needs: love, understanding, and appreciation. To remain silent is of no use. The only way to stop these kinds of scams is to learn and as much as possible about them and make this information readily available so that other potential victims can access it and hopefully avoid falling for the scam. You can help. Accessible Information, the truth about how the scammers operate and their impact on real people, is the key to preventing them.


Extortion and fraud on the Internet is a growing phenomenon; Sextortion is first and foremost a form of fraud but also a brutal form of sexual exploitation, coercion, and violence, often but not always of children.There have been a number of cases where victims have contemplated, threatened, or even attempted suicide—sometimes to the apparent pleasure of their tormentors. Providing easily accessible information and making people aware, particular those that may be vulnerable, of its existence and how to combat Sextortion will limit its expansion. Awareness, learning good internet habits, using antimalware and common sense can protect the individual and significantly reduce the chances of becoming a victim.

Net safety for kids

The Internet is a technological tool that allows everybody to work, learn, search for information and have fun, but at the same time it has inherent dangers that should not be underestimated. The internet provides access to diverse and interesting content as well as unprecedented social networking opportunities that strongly appeal to young children as well as adults. Parents should make themselves aware of the internet, the dangers, the safeguards and the sensible precautions that they, and their children, should take in order to protect the whole family. This page is dedicated to all parents, in order to make them aware of the dangers of the internet and assist them in protecting their family.


This page is dedicated to the videos we found on YouTube. The videos help us to understand that these scams are real and extensive – anyone could become a victim. This raises our awareness to the dangers and, hopefully, persuades us to take precautions so that we do not become victims ourselves.